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What people say about Simon Associates

We are committed to the best accounting services for your individual needs. But don't just take our word for it: read what our past and present clients have to say about our services.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you very much. I wish we'd talked sooner, but better late than never. At least we've done nothing worse than overpaying for advice you could have given us. Kathy C. -2012


I received your paperwork in the mail today. You've done a lot for us this past year(s). You certainly know your stuff and I can't tell you how much that means to me to be able to know I'm in good hands. Thanks very much. Larry O'S.- 2011


We can't thank you enough for your work on our behalf. It's been an eye opening experience and another sad commentary on destroyed family relations over inherited property. You've been a solid person who we Trust. Denise & Larry O. -2009

To whom it may concern,

Barbara Simon from Simon Associates came in and rearranged our home care. She helped us to save over $4,000 dollars. Ms. Simon is trusted, dependable and a very nice and caring person and she care(s) what happens to seniors. She got us back over $10,000 on our income taxes because she knew the rules. Please accept her as your financial counselor because can really help you in time of need and may god bless. Dr. & Mrs. N – 1991

Dear Barbra,

Just a note of thanks for all your help in this matter. My mother always appreciated your assistance and had great trust in you. You have helped me get through a very difficult period in my own life. Thank you for hanging in there with me. Lillian C. – 1995

Dear Barbara and Staff,

Please allow me to mix business with "Season's Greetings". I can't imagine what we would have done these past months without your caring and expertise. Your service had been priceless, and here is an initial payment. Please let me know the remaining balance. Margaret P – 2003

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Barbara Simon based on the following.

She is highly motivated, comprehends and assimilates financial information well and overall, is extremely competent.

In the four years that I have known Barbara, I have been impressed by her ability to grasp new concepts with clear and vivid understanding. When I first met her, she has total fiduciary responsibility for a client of mine who had had a stroke and was confined to a wheelchair. Note only is she financially capable but she is also an extremely caring person. In my 26 years as a stock broker, my successful clients are those who listen, assimilate the information and act in a decisive manner. Barbara Simon certainly fits that profile. Fred B. Stock Broker, Director – 1989

Once again I have the opportunity to thank you for the care you and your staff gave my sister. Dorothy M. – 2003

Dear Barbara,

Many thanks fro taking time to brief the FCA staff on your work as a Professional Fiduciary including conservator and personal representative, and as enrolled agent. The challenging client stories you shared were all too familiar to us in our work with family caregivers. Family Caregiver Alliance – 2009

Dear Barbara

A little over a year ago, your firm was recommended to me by S.A. of Senior Focus group as someone who could organizer and maintain my late father's financial affairs. Living quite a distance away, as I do, it was imperative that that entity be knowledgeable about senior citizen requirements and be entirely trustworthy in performing the many duties involved.

That you have succeeded beyond my hopes is a testimony to your imitative, dedication and responsibility. The recent death of my father was made a lot less traumatic by your immediate responses to the situation and you taking charge of the necessary paper work.

I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in deed of the type of honest and conscientious assistance your office provides. Harvey T. -1993

Dear Barbara

Many thanks for taking time to brief the FCA staff on your work as a Professional Fiduciary including conservator and personal representative, and as enrolled agent. The challenging client stories you shared were all too familiar to us in our work with family caregivers. Family Caregiver Alliance – 2009

"I am 102; I lost my husband in April 2013. Barbara has been working with us since 2005, off and on when we need her. When my husband fell in 2012 he called her before the ambulance. She convienced him to go to the hospital. Ever since she has been by our sides. I no longer get out of bed--it's my time. Barbara wanted to show me what was going on with all out bills. I said I don't want to see. I trust you. (submitted by neice)"

-Maria R., San Francisco

"Barbara Simon came into my mother's life one day, and never left - until I moved her to be near me in IL. Over the 8 years she gifted us with her professional skill and wisdom, Barbara steadfastly served as fiduciary and case manager in a manner which I, being far away from CA and basically inept with financial matters, could not provide. Barb brought immediate order (and for me, much relief) into the chaos of my mom's life. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's and having no living relatives except me, my mother lived in constant fear and basically just wished to die. Enter Barbara, who used her wonderful caring and humor to bring stability, and at times even hope, into my mother's world. Unable to exist in her home of more than 40 years, mom found herself in the initially- disorienting world of independent and assisting-living facilities. To bridge these transitions, Barb hired private care-givers who provided mom with additional socialization and extra pampering in terms of her daily needs. Barbara accompanied my mother to her many appointments with medical, dental, optometric professionals. She was very cognizant of mom's current health status, and served as an excellent and caring advocate during these often confusing visits. Finally, Barb was in constant communication with me, being sure to update me on ANY changes, needs, financial concerns, etc. during this time. Whenever I visited, Barb made herself available for as long as I needed. I so appreciated how well we worked together to maximize my mother's quality of life. I truly believe that Barbara Simon is 'one-of-kind' among her professional peers. She possesses the outstanding ability to offer you and your loved one(s) a level of service which, for you, will bring peace of mind and, for your beloved, the highest quality fiduciarial / care management expertise available."

-M. OG., Underhill, VT (formerly SF Bay Area)

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